A Work in Progress

Ok! So maybe I am taking this a little too far with this blogging stuff, but I am really excited about it. I have create four blogs! Four I know I am crazy!
Anyway I wanted one blog to write personal stuff about me and my family. Things that I want to vent about or talk about. Just your basic blog.
Then I wanted another one so I can work on my book. I figure I can rework some parts of my book and make it better. The more I write the more my writing will be better.
Then I wanted a place to write ideas down. I wanted a place where I can really work on writing and telling stories without showing it to everyone. This is my private blog.
Finally I made one that I would like to become my professional blog. When I do write something that I love and that I am ready to publish I can put it here.

I am really excited about all of this. I said that before, but now my goal is to keep up with these blogs.